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Sep 15, 2012 7:00am PDT
with 50s through oakland, concord, santa rosa. and still 50s through livermore but it is going to warm up nicely. and 89 degrees in antioch 60s for half moon bay. with mostly low 80s 82 degrees in santa rosa. and 84 degrees expected for napa valley. your full forecast coming up. >> we start this morning with developing new san francisco police aren't investigating a homicide in the bay view district. it happened to near 1:30 a.m. near hilltop park. no word on any arrests. >> to the south bay in san jose one person is recovering after a car crashes into a house overnight. it slammed into an intersection at mayberry. and white road. one person was taken to hospital the house however sustained major damage. >> the city of oakland is striving to fight crime. with pastor, clergy. andd dal.. these are walking and speaking to people. pastors, activists want to cain trust with people out in the street. offering help to people associated with violence partnership with churches serious crime in the violence in the city. >> the response has been positive. we are in this place where there is a lot o
Sep 3, 2012 6:00am PDT
bombing of a u.s. government vehicle. >>> delegates from cal -- [ inaudible ] . >>> good morning thanks for joining us i'm katie marzullo in for kristen sze. >>> and i'm eric thomas it is labor day. >> we'll check in with mike for the forecast. >>> good morning. starting off with a dry live doppler. area you see here in mauve color dense fog advisory 9:00, visibility down to quarter of a mile so be careful there. today at the coast it will be partly cloudy low to mid 60s sunny around the bay, 72 to 84, warmest temperatures inland 87 to 94. let's find out about that commute with sue hall. >>> we don't have much of a commute, good morning holiday light. one point i wanted to mention if you are stpeging someone from tahoe this early labor -- expecting someone from tahoe this early labor day 80 donner lake accident. this is closer to home 80 westbound towards the bay bridge, macarthur maze light once you get to the bay bridge no metering lights on. minor delays headed across the -- across the san mateo bridge and alternate 237 otherwise folks -- [ unintelligible ] >>> 6: . the family of a m
Sep 20, 2012 4:30am PDT
as temperatures, running cool, 40s north bay. 50s just about everywhere else. in the afternoon brisk along the coast temperatures in the 50s to near 60 around the bay with low 60s to low 70s, below average inland with low 70s to low 80s. here's sue. >>> good morning. live shot of 80 through berkeley eastbound near ashby at 13 accident blocking a couple of lanes i don't see it there is roadwork eastbound. we'll follow that. so far traffic flowing smoothly westbound on your commute direction towards the act arthur maze, no problem. stalled northbound 80 at bernal. eastbound highway 4 at loveridge closed detour in place. >>> breaking news from oakland. police are investigating two shootings overnight. one wounded a child who is in the hospital in serious condition. it happened around 1:00 while the child was inside a home on macon road near i-880. the other shooting 11:30 sent three adults to the hospital on seminary avenue near oakdale. more information, terry mcsweeney is at the scene right now. he will have a live report at the top of the hour. >>> this morning martinez police still trying
Sep 2, 2012 5:00pm PDT
got to neat players and get autographs. as you may remember petaluma lost to tennessee in the u.s. championship game last weekend despite an amazing comeback, they finished third overall in the tournament. >> next at 5:00, two days from the democratic convention in charlotte, vice president joe biden called out the republican ticket. we'll tell you what he had to say about mitt romney and paul ryan. >> we're here to show everybody you know,รง sorry, you closed t schools, look what you missed out on. >> sunnyvale celebrates its 100-year anniversary. they got the band back together. >> we saw temperatures today into the 90s, they are still in the 90s outside right now in many of the inland valleys. tomorrow livermore you'll be seeing more mid 90s. how long the heat will be around. >> decision 2012 t the spotlight shifted to charlotte, north carolina. the site of the democratic national convention where president obama says he will offer what he calls a better path forward. nbc's steve handelsman is in charlotte with the latest. >> reporter: arriving in charlotte for the democratic
Sep 8, 2012 5:00pm PDT
. we've got a good strong sea breeze out there, mostly 60s and 70s outside right now and signs of an even cooler finish to the weekend as we head into sunday's forecast. we'll have a look at that when we come right back. >>> the word is spreading quickly, but the results are still the same. still no sign of a missing college student from the east bay. he disappeared last sunday while tubing down the sacramento river, and now as nbc bay area's cheryl hurd reports, most of the lafayette community is coming together to make sure the search continues. >> reporter: casa gourmet burrito was packed by 7:00 friday night. those who came to the small restaurant in lafayette had one thing in mind, bring brett olson home. >> anything to bring him home. we need our boy to come home. he's a wonderful guy. he's amazing, beautiful family. just need to bring him home. >> reporter: a lafayette native and cal poly student was reported missing earlier this week. he spent labor day weekend with friends tubing down the sacramento river and was last seen 1:00 p.m. sunday when he arrived near chico to
Sep 2, 2012 7:00am PDT
's take a look at the weather. >> it's chilly out there. we have 40s on the board. as we get closer to fall, sop of our mornings when you don't are clouds can drop off pretty quickly into the 40s overnight. now, notice the wind speeds, light into livermore, breeze into fairfield this morning. it is foggy. napa and santa rosa, visibilities which will be breaking up. trivalley will be climbing into the upper 80s. i think a few low 90s today and warmer for tomorrow. if your labor day plans, 60s on the coast, 80s and 90s inland and we'll talk about changes ahead in the full seven-day forecast coming up in a few minutes. >> thanks so much. >>> new this morning, a vigil will be held today for a sanyo say firefighter who suffered a heart attack while on the job. frank ryan is being treated at regional medical center in sanyo say. he remains in critical condition after suffering that heart attack last thursday. it happened while ryan was battling the three-alarm fire. t a spanish mass will follow at noon. >>> also new today, police are investigating several overnight shootings in oakland. o
Sep 9, 2012 7:00am PDT
in the u.s., this time not at yosemite. this is "today in the bay." >>> and looking live at the bay bridge toll plaza because it is the start of a beautiful day there, you can see a little bit of pink sky in the distance and cloud cover keeping things cool. i'm kris sanchez along with rob mayeda. we're going to see cool temperatures and get ready to be surprised by the temperatures this morning. 40 in santa rosa, but earlier it was 39 degrees. we have patchy fog in the north bay and few patches of clouds in and around san francisco and bay this morning. it's chilly. notice the wind speed at 21. that's going to ensure that even our inland areas today will stay pretty mild in terms of temperatures, mostly 70 to near 80. right now we have clear skies across the bay area but watch happens 8:00 and 9:00, the fog creeps back in. upper 70s towards santa rosa and livermore. no 80s and 90s on that map. that will change in the seven-day forecast. we'll look at the timing on the warm-up in a few moments. >> exactly two years ago today a pg&e pipe line exploded in san bruno and the afternooj was devas
Sep 20, 2012 7:00am PDT
and wind. low 50s for many, including san jose and redwood city at 49. a western component from the golden gate towards the delta is not as strong. temperatures inland might bounce up 1 or 2 degrees. you can see the dome of high pressure building up into the gulf of alaska. it's going to move to somewhere in oregon and then drop straight down. the question is when will that happen? one model says saturday, the other suz sunday -- says sunday. for us, sunny and breezy after the patchy low clouds and fog. 60s and 70s for many today. there will be a fresh breeze. 81 pittsburgh, 75 book ins, 73 san jose, sonnyville all low 70s, palo alto 73, low 60s on the coast. maybe a slight warm up friday until that low decides to make its move over the weekend. it will nekt week. >> thank you. >>> it's 7 :10. continuing coverage on the attack on the american consulate in libya. a new report suggests that a former detain knee who is possibly tied to al-qaeda may have been involved. u.s. intent sources say he may have led last week's attack. he was released back in 2007. he was supposed to be kept in libyan
FOX News
Sep 15, 2012 3:00pm PDT
. hours after police secure the area near u.s. embassy in cairo, al-qaeda's branch in yemen is now calling for even more attacks against u.s. diplomatic posts around the world. meantime, in cairo, egypt, police finally restoring calm after four days of nonstop violence. sealing off the road leading to the u.s. embassy and pushing the protesters into tahrir score. we have more with molly henneberg live in washington and leeland vittert in egypt. we'll start with lee land. what's cairo like right now? >> behind me, tahrir square. it is a tense calm here this morning and this evening there are hundreds if not thousands of riot police who have been stationed around the city and then also around the u.s. embassy just in case these protesters came back. overnight it was a fierce street battle, would be the best word for it. tear gas and rubber bullets being fired by the army, which had dug in. the protesters hurling rocks and molotov cocktails and started just after friday prayers when things really picked up. a few thousand protesters, number of them carrying islamic flags, that black flag the
FOX News
Sep 15, 2012 1:00pm PDT
base in afghanistan that left two u.s. marines dead, several other troops wounded and the taliban now claiming responsibility for the assault on camp leatherneck. that is southern helmand province, to avenge an anti-muslim film produced in the united states. welcome to america's election headquarters. i'm gregg jarrett. >> heather: i'm header childers. u.s. na to have coalition say insurgents surged the embassy last night. how did the militants get past all that security to begin with. conner is live in kabul with the latest. >> reporter: this is one of more serious breaches we've seen in afghanistan. it's not clear how they got in the outer rim of security into the camp leatherneck area. they say at least 17 taliban fighters breached the outer perimeter of security. once they were inside they launched a massive attack on the camp. this is a camp where there are more than 10,000 u.s. marines and british troops including prince harry is also stationed there. the attack lasted for some period of time. it started after 10:00 p.m. last night. taliban hit the base with small arms, to grena
Sep 8, 2012 7:00am PDT
, low clouds coming in. some of the low clouds into pleasanton and dublin this morning, mid-50s outside for the most part. 53 in gilroy. you see wind in fairfield, southwest at 18. we've got the onshore winds going hour by hour, notice even our inland spots today, mostly 70s to some low 80s inland. upper 70s around san jose. and another item to watch. especially heading to the sierra today or areas south of big sur during the afternoon, monsoon moisture. you can see it across southern california. some of that is going to creep our way. cooldown coming up for tomorrow. seven-day forecast in a few minutes. >> thank you, rob. >>> we begin with decision 2012. the race for the white house will course through the bay area today. republican vice presidential candidate paul ryan will make fund-raising stops in danville and in woodside. here's a live look at the danville home where former 49ers star brent jones is hosting a breakfast for ryan in the east bay. tickets for that event start at $,000 per person. $10,000 donors get a photo reception with mitt romney's running mate as well. then, late
Sep 2, 2012 7:00am PDT
. it is gorgeous out there. put on the sun block. we will have sunshine. it will be in the upper 70s. for the second half of the day. waking up with patchy dense fog. we have a live look there at the he sunshine above the low clout deck and many of us waking up with sunshine this morning in which case we did not yesterday. san jose, and the inward areas. and if you are waking up with sunshine, chances are you are several degrees cooler than where we were yesterday morning at this hour. you can see the satellite giving awe view of the mostly clear skies. as we progress through today. you will notice the warm up in the neighborhood. five to 10 degrees expected by the second half. calm conditions around oakland and santa rosa santa rosa and the on shore breeze is clipped quite a bit. a lot of changes going on this morning. temperatures in the low 50s as well as napa. and into concourt, mid 50s and south bay. upper 40s in some cases along the peninsula. and a chilly start right along the coast. we will have the current temperatures coming up in a little bit. ridge of high pressure is bui
Sep 3, 2012 7:00am PDT
, and that is helping to cool off numbers in the overnight hours. fifty-three in concord, mid to upper 50s around san jose. so widespread 50s in most cases. if in the north bay valley directions, pet to allow ma, santa row is a, all singing back into the mid to upper 40s this morning. so, again, that compressing air bringing a very shallow marine layer, less than a thousands feet. seeing a little bit slip into the bay. most waking up with mostly clear skies, mostly cloudy for the afternoon. afternoon highs look like this, 88 for santa row is a, 88, nap pa. mid to upper 70s around the east bay, 79 in oakland, 80 for heyward, 90s in the valley, 93 for pittsburgh, mid to upper 80s near san jose. 76 in santa cruz. at the boardwalk nice. eighty-four redwood city, 71 in the city. today the hottest day into the workweek. numbers will fall off back to below average this time of year thursday into friday and a bump with weekend in view saturday and sunday. >>> 7:12. >>> pretty embarrassing reason. a california delegate is heading home from the democratic convention before it's even started. >>> plus who stole
Sep 19, 2012 5:00am EDT
to mid-60s south and east. out to the west in the shenandoah valley, we have temps in the middle 50s. let's go to monika samtani. this whacky wednesday morning. she's got your timesaver traffic. >>> thank so you much. if you're planning to head around town, i'm going to say nothing's weeky about it luck -- whacky about it lucky. from woodbridge to the owk quan river -- occoquan river, all your lanes are open. let's take a live look into the downtown area across pennsylvania avenue. no issues here. near the willard hotel. nonavenue near wheeler, you want to watch out for police activity. that will be shut down in both directions throughout the morning rush hour. so plan accordingly there. let's go back over to our maps. this time all the way to northern montgomery county coming in from rockville on 270. burtonsville route 29. the beltway as you travel through silver spring into bah these today, all lanes are open -- into bethesda, all lanes are open. and the west side of town same story. lanes are open. more coming up at 5:09. >> thanks, monika. >>> the stormy weather cleared out. >> but t
Sep 3, 2012 5:00am PDT
of love pam. >> i know. we don't like it hot, it will be a bit uncomfortable. low-to-mid 90s and waking up with clear sky and sunny warm weather is in store for the second half and i am going to show you all of this coming it up in just about 10 minutes. >> we have a lot of fog, here is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza and you can see traffic is flowing nicely into san francisco this morning and up next we have a look at the san mateo brim and traffic is -- bridge and traffic is flowing nicely as you make your way towards hayward or or the other side. >> we are following breaking news, pam? and good morning jeanine, she has more on the injuries. >> reporter: crime tape is here because a man was found stabbed inside this home you are looking at. right now officers are inside and we don't know if there are any residents left but they are looking for a weapon it. in the last 20 minutes, it all took place around 330 and they end inside the home and officers said he was unable to speak when they arrived. his condition is unknown at this time but they are proud in a meadow park to help him sp
Sep 8, 2012 7:00am PDT
the bay this morning. the afternoon seabreeze will be with us. our high for today, 60s at the coast, 70s around the bay, 90s for the hottest spots. i'll show you the numbers outside your door at this hour and what you can expect for the afternoon, coming up. >>> two children kidnapped by their father have been rescued, after spending three days on a stolen yacht. ktvus allie rasmus is live in alameda, where their father stole the boat and took them out to sea. >> reporter: that's right. the boat used in this apparent child abduction was stolen from this harbor, bolina bay in alameda. this is video of the mother and her two kids, being driven back to safety by san francisco police. the children's father, 42-year-old christopher maffei is accused of kidnapping the two children from their mother's south san francisco home earlier this week. he then stole this boat from the alameda harbor and took off with his two small children on board heading south. last night around 7:30, u.s. coastguard, police and even the fbi were involved in the search and were able to locate the boat off the coast n
FOX News
Sep 16, 2012 9:00am PDT
the military option. >> shannon: our ambassador to the united nations says the u.s. will stand with israel and do what it takes to stop oran from developing a nuclear weapon, as israeli prime minister netanyahu says iran is 7 to 8 months away from being able to build a nuclear bomb and demands that the united states give a red line to iran. we start with peter doos gee senator john mechanic cane said an hour and-a-half that he thinks the united states is sing exactly the wrong main to the israelis about whether or not we will have their back, if iran gets closer to building a nuclear weapon. >> we keep tells the israelis not to attack, shouldn't we be telling the iranians that that we are with israel and they should back down. >> reporter: the u.s. bamdass dorto the u.n. says that the united states will do whatever it takes to prevent iran from acquiring the nuclear weapon and the military option is on the table. but she said, she thinks there is time for the pressure we are putting on the islamic republic to make them change course. >> the most solemn decision that a president can ever ta
Sep 2, 2012 5:00am PDT
where temperatures have dropped into the mid-40s. if you are planning out the rest of your day, starting out with a lot of clouds. visibility down to a quarter meal. but by noontime we will see warmer temperatures and more sunshine with numbers in the mid-60s in the inland valleys and take a look where we warm up inland, near 80 around the bay and 90 inland, staying the 60s at the coast. the sea breeze is backing off and the marine layer is quite compressed. be careful if you are traveling this morning, especially in the north bay. terry. >> thanks very much. this morning we begin with a special prayer vinal i will for a vittcally injured san jose firefighter. it will be heliat 4:00 this morning. this is in honor of 41-year-old veteran firefighter frank ryan who remains in intensive care. he collapsed while battling the fire at state patrick's cathedral. we have an update from the hospital. >>> more than 200 st. pat tricks cathedral parishioners crowded the gymnasium at the school to say mass. they have to worship here because the fire broke out and heavily damaged their church on east s
Sep 8, 2012 6:00pm PDT
. we had the sea breeze through the day today. inland saw highs in the low 80s. very cool for this time of year. only 80 in livermore. san jose, 71 degrees. 68 in oakland. 62 in san francisco and right now it's practically jacket weather in the trivalley. that's what you have with the winds coming in off the bay, 25-mile-per-hour winds in fairfield setting us up for a cool finish to the week, too. might have noticed the low clouds. we think they'll re-form on the coast tonight. and the big thunderstorms along the spine of this today, the moisture should stay off to the south and east. this area of low pressure offshore should keep the bay area under mainly a southwest air flow aloft limiting the monsoon moisture to southern california and the sierra. but it's going to keep the sea breeze going tomorrow. lots of 60s and 70s around the bay area, well inland out to the tri-valley and down around morgan hill. hour-by-hour forecast tomorrow, just like today, clearing at times on the coast. starting off with morning clouds and maybe misty guys around the peninsula and the coast for tomorrow m
Sep 1, 2012 11:00pm PDT
. >> more than an incon seasons. it continue 0s to be dangerous for everybody. reporter: hundreds of thousands are without electricity in the sweltering southern summer. >> i have a generator now. bought it yesterday, which is better but still miserable. >> now we need the things that are not going to spoil in the refrigerator. >> you can sit eat in this new orleans restaurant but by candlelight. >> we don't have any power since tuesday night so we cooked the meat stuff, and we. reporter: thousands are stranded in shelters, wondering when they'll see their homes again. >> we evacuated monday and it's been really hard on us. >> one day at a time. take it like that. reporter: for others, home is just a memory. >> some people probably aren't going back because there's nothing to go back to. reporter: isaac shut down gulf refine riz that produce 10% of the nation's falls,ing a sell writing a spike in gas prices just in time to make your labor a little harder to pay for foe labor day drive. >>> in louisiana, this may -- scene after flood water unearthed caskets in a graveyard. isaac re
Sep 20, 2012 11:00pm PDT
to a story you'll see only on nbc bay area news. the parents of u.s. ambassador christopher stevens are remembering their son. stevens' mother and stepfather just returned home from washington where the president honored their son. nbc bay area's jody hernandez sat down with the couple for their first on camera interview. >> wherever we were with him, and we visited him in morocco and saudi and in tunisia, and he was as at home as if we in piedmont. >> reporter: chris stevens' mother and stepdad say that's what set their ambassador son apart. stevens' parents just returned from washington where they retrieved remains of their son. the u.s. ambassador to libya who was killed in an attack on the u.s. embassy in benghazi last week. >> he was not the type of diplomat to sit in the office and attend receptions and just be a formal person. he was a man of the people. >> i'm perfectly aware that there was danger. but there was danger almost every place he went. >> reporter: stevens' mother said she learn long ago not to worry. she says her son inherited his curious and outgoing nature from
Sep 2, 2012 6:00am PDT
and coalition troops have brought u.s. training of afghanstan security forces to a halt. a string of attacks against american troops and their own soldiers are bringing about new procedures for screening new recruits. the u.s. special forces in afghanistan said the training will stand down for a month or two, allowing existing recruits to be re-evaluated to weed out any insurgents. last month a marine captain with family ties to the bay area was killed by an ambush by a security member of the afghan security forces in training. captain matt was on his fourth tour of duty when he was shot by an afghan place officer he was training. the decision affected about 1,000 current trainees. >>> in louisiana an evacuation order remains in effect after hurricane isaac. it's happening in a rural area near slidell. official believe a lock from a die version canal is going to fail and possibly flood hundreds of homes. area waterways are swollen because of the heavy rains from the hurricane. as abc news reports, the gulf coast could take a long time to get back to normal. >> even as a ghost of it's former
Sep 30, 2012 6:00am PDT
continues to push back and we will see some sunshine. numbers in the mid-60s to upper 60s from the coastline and the fog not far, but we will see mostly sunny skies around the bay. and the warmup continues with numbers in the mid-80s, oakland upper 80s down through san jose. and the upper 90s in the livermore valley. so that is an increase about five to seven degrees in our warmest inland valleys. we will talk about the beginning of the work week, which still features the warmth. that's coming up, carolyn. >> thank you, lisa w this heat wave, several day area counties are opening cooling centers to deal with the heat. in santa clara, cooling centers will be open in cupertino and morgan hill. contra costa county has three centers in san ramon and you can cool off in almeda county at three city libraries and the union city sports center. for more information go to and click on "see it on tv." now to an east bay political fight is turned physical. a richmond city councilman is set to press charges against a community activists for punching him in the back of the head, and it happen
Sep 22, 2012 2:00pm EDT
a possible shutdown come october 1st. if passive was delayed for days over partisan bickering. >>> and the u.s. senate also passed a measure almost unanimously that strengthens america's resolve on iran. the non-binding resolution allows the u.s. to pursue a policy other than containment if necessary to prevent iran from equiring nuclear weapons. the one dissenting vote came from rand paul who said it was a de factod declaration of war. >> the surge in afghanistan is over and officials are saying it has been a success. if all goes to plan, there will be a withdrawal of u.s.-led international military force by the end of 2014. pentagon correspondent barbara starr has details now. >> as commander in chief, i have determined that it is in our vital national interest to send an additional 30,000 u.s. troops to afghanistan. >> the president in 2009 announcing a surge of troops into afghanistan. now, those troops are on their way home and the military is saying mission accomplished. >> the surge has effectively covered and enabled the training of the afghan national security force and it's an amazin
FOX News
Sep 25, 2012 8:00am PDT
nations general assembly. i'm jamie colby in for jenna lee. jon: the president warning iran that the u.s. will quote, do what we must to prevent the rogue nation from acquiring a nuclear weapon and condemning the deadly wave of anti-american protests in the muslim world. take a listen. >> the notion that we can control the flow of information is obsolete. the question then is how do we respond? and on this we must agree, there is no speech that justifies mindless violence. jamie: david lee miller is outside the united nations right now. david, give us some specifics on what the president said about the recent spike in violence targeting the u.s. in the muslim world? >> reporter: jamie, the president talked about combating extremism of all types and he began his speech interestingly enough by specifically talking about chris stevens, the u.s. ambassador who was killed in benghazi. he began his speech talking about chris stevens and he also chose to conclude his speech talking about the life and the death of chris stevens. the president said that the attacks at the last two weeks were not
FOX Business
Sep 24, 2012 3:00pm EDT
than 3.5% today, but what looks really good? utilities are the bright spot in the market leading s&p as investors look for a safer play because we got a germany sentiment, a business sentiments index not looking strong. there's concerns about the global market, but we have every angle covered in the last hour of trading. to the floor, the ones we know and love at the cme group and new york stock exchange. okay, ben willis, focusing on the fact september not looking that bad for the month. >> no, it doesn't. as you said earlier, it's normal. it's historical performance where it's a down month ahead of october, but, again, you have to -- the single biggest factor into that movement is because of the central bank's hot air. there was ben bernanke clunk the market up and it managed to hold on into the closing sessions of this week. the s&p closing, window dressing from the huge funds that may not have participated in the move, but, still, 3 #.5% is a very nice move for a month that's traditionally a down month. liz: i know, and september, i try to tell people usually it's bad, but the
Sep 1, 2012 7:00am PDT
a degree or two of how we woke up yesterday morning. 57 livermore. mid-50s in concord. we do have a little bit of patchy drizzle over and along the coastline, over parts of the bay and again the east bay. it looks like by noontime or so before we begin to see the burnoff. once again mostly cloudy skies. the time stamp here says noon. takes until the afternoon. then it will continue to hug the coast for most of the day. we could see it thin out just a little bit and then it will be back. if you're headed to monterey bay for your weekend, we do have that south swell still over areas of santa cruz including the boardwalk beach. the south facing beachless have heightened risk for rip currents as well as larger breaks at the shore. so that the to be aware of if you're going to be out there. keep an eye on the little ones. 75 this afternoon for know sad dough. -- novato. over the north bay these numbers a lot like yesterday. perhaps a tad warmer but as we head east, these temperatures anywhere from 5 to 10 degrees warmer than yesterday. again livermore 67 degrees and mostly cloudy skies yesterda
Sep 2, 2012 2:00am PDT
to come back on. >> more than an incon seasons. it continue 0s to be dangerous for everybody. reporter: hundreds of thousands are without electricity in the sweltering southern summer. >> i have a generator now. bought it yesterday, which is better but still miserable. >> now we need the things that are not going to spoil in the refrigerator. >> you can sit eat in this new orleans restaurant but by candlelight. >> we don't have any power since tuesday night so we cooked the meat stuff, and we. reporter: thousands are stranded in shelters, wondering when they'll see their homes again. >> we evacuated monday and it's been really hard on us. >> one day at a time. take it like that. reporter: for others, home is just a memory. >> some people probably aren't going back because there's nothing to go back to. reporter: isaac shut down gulf refine riz that produce 10% of the nation's falls,ing a sell writing a spike in gas prices just in time to make your labor a little harder to pay for foe labor day drive. >>> inouisiana, louisiana, this- scene after flood water unearthed caskets in a gravey
Sep 10, 2012 7:00am PDT
him twice. >> a handful times. >> an ex-navy s.e.a.l. gives cbs news a firsthand account of the historic raid. >> you shot pictures of his face in a profile. can you desibe >> can you describe what they looked like? >> pretty gruesome. >> when you say gruesome what are you talking about? >> he had a wound in the head. so that gruesome. >> we will demand a fair contract today. we demand a fair contract now. >> more than 26,000 chicago public schoolteachers and support staff are set to go on strike. >> negotiations stalled over several issues including health benefits, job security and also classroom conditions. >> this is not the right thing to do to children. it's unnecessary. it's avoidable. and it's wrong. >>> pizza shop owner puts the squeeze on the president. >> bear hug, man hug? >>> imagine a huge plane part falling from the sky in your neighborhood. it happened in seattle. look at this. look. >>> it took seconds to turn an eight-story building in texas into rubble. >>> and it's off the cross bar and through! 63 yards! >> serena has done it! >> once again the u.s. o
Sep 18, 2012 5:00pm EDT
is perceived as much more serious and varied than it was in the early 1970's. the principal issues in the 1970's weren't even drinking water hazards, but air pollution and rivers that caught on fire because of oil slicks. and if you look at the variety now of environmental threats worldwide, it should generate far, far more demonstration. these demonstrations are occurring in some third-world countries, such as india, for example, and bolivia but not getting much notice. the second outcry is institution building. it did matter that there are old and new environmental groups regardless of how they're named from wildlife to audobon to the newest one, public sit sen -- citizen, green peace, sierra club, of course, those were the watchdogs and had millions of members out there and they are the people who went up to capitol hill and filed groundbreaking lawsuits. we need more of those. the two most recent technologies have no ethical or legal framework on them at the present time. pretty stunning. usually, when there is a new technology, there is a semblance of some kind of regulation. and now we h
Sep 7, 2012 7:00am PDT
applications to obtain a temporary legal status in the u.s. now several hundred people are expected to come to catholic charities for this workshop on obama's deferred action program. it stops deportation of undocumented immigrants who are brought to the u.s. as children. to qualify for the program, immigrants have to prove they came before they were 16, are 30 or younger or in school graduated or served in the military. now, many people here in line say that it is very important to -- they have strong opinions on why this plan is needed. i want to talk to one of the people in line here that i just met jesus gomez. you said you are from mountainview. tell me why you are here. >> i was brought here when i was 3 without knowing it and i been struggling, but i have graduated from junior high school and graduated from high school and right now i am enrolled at job trading place and take commuter technician so i can do something with myself and my plan is going to the army. >> reporter: what do you say of people who say, they are critical of of obama's plan? >> if they have been critical with us
Sep 18, 2012 4:25am EDT
in the upper 60s to right around 70 degrees, and the air has turned a lot more humid. hour by hour throughout the day, clouds through midmorning. just some shower west of the metro area. by 6:00 a.m., upper 60s. sunrise 6:03. by noon time, showers moving in, and strong storms and damaging winds possible from 3:00 until early this evening. i'm back in ten minutes with another update and another look at first 4 radar. now first 4 traffic with danella. >>> as you mentioned, slippery roadways means fender benders. if you're traveling northbound i-95 at route 3, have an accident. it is in your shoulder lane. trel lanes are open. i want to urge you to give yourself some extra time. as tom mentioned, you have inclement weather. you're taking the volume very light on the inner loop and outer loop. not seeing any fender benders there. also, as we head over to maryland, taking the beltway in prince george's county as you travel on the outer loop and inner loop on 201. no issues to report in montgomery county or prince george's county, you're clear. usually we see a work zone set up on the outer loop. n
Sep 28, 2012 9:00pm PDT
a case of somebody trying to beat the light. in oakland, 7 news. >> 19 u.s. military veterans filed a lawsuit in san francisco federal court saying they were raped while in the armed forces and faced retaliation for reporting the crime. 2 of the defendants spoke about their ordeal at uc hastings college of law. they told stories of harassment and assault by military superiors. danielle was raped several times she says. starting as recruit in 2003. >> i thought hi 2 choices. will or unwilling. i knew that if i stood up for myself again i would have been punished mor more. isolated more. and abandoned. >>reporter: congresswoman spear joined the plaintiffs. she sponsoring bail called the stop act. that would create an impartial office of civilian and military experts to rae view rape cases in the arm services. now this past tuesday secretary of defense panetta ordered military to improve its sexual assault prevention programs. >> governor brown signed legislation today that creates the nation first state run retirement savings program for private sector workers. it covers mor
Sep 8, 2012 5:30pm PDT
's good for the united states. it's good for the global economy. three successive u.s. administrations worked steadily to advance russia's wto aspirations. we strongly support the basic bargain at the heart of the wto. >> she went on to say the obama administration would work closely with congress to lift cold war-era trade sanctions on russia so u.s. businesses could benefit from russia's new wto membership. the 1974 amendment restricted trade with the soviet union over its human rights record. clinton also met with japan's prime minister today. >>> in afghanistan a suicide bomber detonated explosives near the nato headquarters in kabul today and six people were reportedly killed. nbc's atia abawi has the latest. >> reporter: it's an area where isaf and the u.s. embassy and camp eggers and other foreign embassies are located. >> it's a clear sign that the insurgency is not caring at all about the civilian population and they're misusing teenagers for their brutal attacks. >> reporter: the taliban quickly claimed responsibility for the attack. they say they were targeting a covert cia
Sep 3, 2012 12:00pm PDT
that while the u.s. spends more on maternity care tan any other country it ranks number 49 in maternal deaths. similar rallies are being held today in more than 100 cities across the country. >>> dumbarton bridge remains shut down for a seismic upgrade. the job is set to be completed by 5:00 tomorrow morning. cal trans closed the bridge friday night and crews have been working around the clock. >> lots of work has happened over the last three days athree nights. a lot of the main elements of the new seismic joint that went into place are complete. >> cal trans also says while the dumbarton bridge is closed for seismic repairs they will be changing hov signs and cleaning up and touching up paint. new details on alternate routes. the northern detour route will take up to san mateo or mayward and then across the san mateo bridge. the southern detour takes you to san jose. >>> a taxi driver could face dui charges after a cab smashed into a gas meter. it happened around 3:20 this morning. firefighters had to use special tools to reach a gas shut off valve. ten people were evacuated just as a preca
Sep 16, 2012 7:00am PDT
. when you step outside, you will fill a chill up there. temps in the upper 40s to 50s. temperatures in the 40s to the upper 50s. this afternoon clouds gradually clear back near the coast. at that temperature range coming up again. coming up, we take a look at the forecast high in your neighborhood. also let you know the one direction temps are headed over the next couple days. >> we follow developing news this morning. a search is happening right now in the hat -- in the napa river. two brothers were fishing near green island road when one of them fell into the water. he apparently cannot swim and was swept up string. allie rasmus is there with more on what rescue teams are trying to do. >> now that the sun is coming up, the coast guard helicopter is supposed to be on the way it to seem to do an aerial search. that's the body of water you see behind us. that bridge is where these two men were fishing overnight and one of them fell into the water. search and rescue crews have been here since three about this morning. three clock a.m. was when i got a report that a man had fallen into
Sep 9, 2012 7:00am PDT
into the 40s this morning and slightly cooler with a gradual warmup into next week. i'll bring you the numbers. we have a red flag warning for part of lake conti. i'll touch of that coming up. >>> today is the second anniversary of the deadline pipeline explosion in san berno. ally has the latest. >> reporter: neighbors will come together today for a ceremony later this afternoon to remember the second anniversary of the pipeline disaster happening exactly two years ago today and when it happened, eight people lost their lyes and 38 homes were completely destroyed but the neighborhood made big strides. construction still lines where 38 homes were destroyed and eight have been rebuilt like the yellow house. that was one of the first rebuilt as people moved back in earlier this year. 12 homes are another stage of construction and of the 17 homes badly damaged, half of those are also being repaired. the national transportation safety board determined the cause of the explosion was a defective weld in the natural gas pipeline through the neighborhood. the ntsb found pg&e and californi
Sep 7, 2012 6:00pm EDT
international action could prevent a crisis in part by addressing the harsh impact of the recent u.s. drought. >> there is a risk of more price increases, but at the moment, there is no evidence to suggest that is an inevitability. the very sharp reduction in u.s. production because of the worst drought for 50 years had a major impact on stock levels and on prices. the overall global stock use ratio has fallen to a historic low of just over 13%. in the u.s., is significantly lower than that. >> more than 100 striking miners in south africa have been released from jail after they were arrested during the killings of their colleagues. dozens were initially charged for the murders, despite the fact the victims were in fact shot dead by police. the slain miners were killed more than a week after walking off the job at the marikana platinum mine in a call for higher pay. despite their release, many still face charges and are due to appear in court early next year. for a discussion with the south african ambassador to the united states, you can go to in israel and the occupied ter
Aug 31, 2012 10:00pm EDT
the car is chilling. fox 5's matt ackland is working this one now. >> police say they found what some refer to as a rape kit inside his car, a loaded handgun, ammunition, handcuffs, zip ties, a black ski mask and several boxes of condoms. montgomery county police want you to get a good look at nathan portnoy's picture. they say he was involved in the three month online relationship with a 12-year-old who apparently told him she was an adult. police want to know if had he any contact with other children. >> there's always that potential and that's why we're releasing this story, his picture and many details of this investigation. >> authorities say the online relationship turned into a face to face meeting last friday. the two met in bethesda and played soccer. fortunately a family member saw the two together. >> the family member saw her getting into his car and they followed, were able to contact her using her cell phone and she exited the vehicle at a safe time. >> family members told miss they continued to pursue portnoy until -- police they continued to pursue portnoy until he did
Sep 12, 2012 7:00am PDT
consulate overnight by armed and angry militants in libya. four americans have been killed, including the u.s. ambassador to libya, j. christopher stevens. the details still coming in. we want to go to martha raddatz for the most updated informing. >> this is a horrifying situation. there is danger it will erupt again. the u.s. military is sending in a marine corps anti-terrorism team. it's too late for the americans killed. it was a chaotic and terrifying scene. 20 gun-wielding attackers storming the american consulate in benghazi overnight. nearly a dozen americans were inside, guarded only by libyan security. for nearly 20 minutes, the libyan guards exchanged fire with the attackers. they hurled a fire bomb inside. 1 of the 4 americans died of smoke inhalation. it's not certain how the ambassador and others may have died. it could have been shoek or in a car while trying to escape. ambassador steven sas long-serving diplomat. he was in libya during the revolution. >> i was thrilled to watch the libyan people stand up and demand their rights. now i'm excited to return to libya to continue t
Sep 11, 2012 11:00pm PDT
little from the u.s. embassy, but according to eyewitnesss, there is reports of libyan casualties as a result of these clashes. as a militant group tried to store the u.s. embassy. they succeeded and did storm the u.s. embassy. according to eyewitnesss, libyan security forces were engaged in heavy clashes with this armed group. a radical militant group based in eastern libya and fired rocket-propelled grenades at the u.s. consulate building. libyan army troops deployed. the road to the consulate blocked by military vehicles. now we have conflicting reports, and what the situation is right there. libyan government owe telling cnn that the building was being secured by libyan forces, but according to this eyewitness, members of the armed group had taken over the consulate building and were celebrating looting the consulate. there are calls on some social media sites for more protests in ben ghazi and here in tripoli. what is the latest in cairo? what specifically was it about this movie that sparked this sudden and very violent attacks on the u.s. diplomatic posts? >> reporter: well
Sep 9, 2012 5:00am PDT
and that's going to allow for numbers to be in a more narrow range. notice those 90s are a little bit further reaching to the east and we will talk about how long the cooling trend will last in a few minutes. carolyn. >> thank you, lisa. a walnut creek man has been charged with vehicular manslaughter after his pickup truck struck two women who were talking walking on the sidewalk last night. within victim died at the scene, the other in the hospital. she's in the hospital right now. police have identified the driver as 53-year-old jose debreesi. abc7 news reports. >> witnesses say about 6:30 the red chevrolet pickup truck came speeding south bound on north main street in walnut creek. a family of three was walking on the westbound side of the street. irene was walking when she saw the scene. >> she went into the people. and mom flew all the way from the corner here and the girls flew all the way to the parking lot. >> the mother died apparently on impact. her body lies at least 40 feet from where the truck struck her and another female. the injured woman was taken to a local hospital
Sep 13, 2012 12:00pm PDT
and water cannons to drive them back. secretary of state hillary clinton says the u.s. is closely watching the developments in yemen and across the region. >> we certainly hope and expect that there will be steps taken to avoid violence and prevent the escalation of protests into violence. >> protestors are back for a third day of riots in cairo, egypt where mass demonstrations are planned for tomorrow. all non-emergency personnel have been ordered out of libya. the pentagon has an additional warship off the libyan coast and a second one will arrive today. president obama spoke to the leaders from yemen and libya last night and asked for the assist en. today we learned one of the identity of the american security guards killed in libya. glen doherty was a private security guard and former navy s.e.a.l. nbc jim maceda is on the ground in cairo. there are calls there, so what's the mood there today? >> reporter: hi. well, those calls for mass protests come from none other than the president himself, mohamed morsi. however, in the same statement, in the same breath almost he demanded that the
Aug 31, 2012 5:00pm PDT
and will warm up tomorrow. not a lot. be warmer than these daytime highs, tomorrow we will see 70's. maybe some low 80's. today we barely got in to the 60s in many places, 65 right now in livermore. 60 hey boost 63 san rafael. you have the 71, right now temperatures will come up but still going to be below the average fog foot print. look at that. early morning, you have fog and low clouds in to the delta. that's a start with the clouds and then a rapid burn off but the temperature pattern it leaves behind. greens, there is the 60s and the 70s. that's what most of us will see. maybe a couple low 80s. north toward santa rosa. you get the picture. a mild day for saturday. when i come back, at 5:45 the big story is the holiday was cool. the holiday weekend here so i will go in to the five-day forecast and we will dial in each day and i will show you when the warm up will happen and if it'll impact the holiday. >> all right. thank you. they acedt. the brag rights earned by a school district because of the success of its students. >> and what had people lining up before dawn today? outside the off
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